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Is Kazakhstan dealing with a new virus outbreak?

COVID-19 has left a mark around the world. It is no secret that the outbreak came from Wuhan city of Chine. However, China’s handling of coronavirus news has been wishy-washy from the beginning. Why is the country making such claims? It is not very clear.

Although the situation looks better in some parts of the world, not all countries are doing great. The last thing we need is another deadly virus hit. However, that’s exactly what happened. According to Chinese health officials, a new virus is said to pop up in Kazakhstan. On the other hand, the Kazakhstan officials denied those claims.

However, China continues to stick to its initial claims saying that Kazakhstan is dealing with something dangerous. Same as the rest of the world, China’s neighbor followed the COVID-19 restrictions. However, just the same, it started to slowly go back to normal by raising the lockdown constraints in early May.

However, this led to another spike of infections. About two weeks ago, there have been nearly 2,000 new COVID-19 patients recorded in one day. That’s a really high number, and probably a new record. Same as the US, Kazakhstan calls it the “second wave.” Could it be a different virus? The situation is unclear at the moment.

According to Kazakhstan’s health officials, a large number of patients around the country have been recorded with pneumonia. However, this disease is not unusual for COVID-19 patients. Yet, China has done the same thing at the beginning of the outbreak and then labeled it a virus.

It is quite strange that China announces a new virus so rapidly. At the moment, there is no evidence to sustain their claims, but you never know. Who thought the year 2020 would look like this? Let’s not jump to the pessimistic conclusion just yet.

On the other hand, we see China adamantly keeping information regaring COVID-19, so would it be surprising if another country would do the same thing? The situation in Kazakhstan is worse than in China. Maybe pointing out toward a worse place would somehow divert the public’s attention.

China made those statements a month ago, so we are waiting for more information from Kazakhstan.



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