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Is GTA 6 Built for the Next-Gen Consoles?

Time passes by fast, and we still don’t have any signs of an official statement with regards to the GTA 6 release date. We also heard a lot that the next GTA game will only be exclusive for the next-gen consoles. But is this a good thing?

With Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, there comes a lot of attention. Many details are still not known, but the things we know make us so happy.

Microsoft has announced their Scarlett console, and Sony has given us a lot of details about their next-gen console, some specs, but they don’t have a name for what is called PS5. The new Xbox has a release date – the holidays of 2020. People expect PS5 to have the same fate.

Right now, there’s not a possibility that GTA 6 will be released before 2020. It means that there are high chances of getting the game for both consoles.

Is there enough memory for GTA 6 on these consoles?

2019 was a year full of leaks. Most of them were about GTA 6, with regards to storyline and locations. A theory is that GTA 6 will come as a compilation of the previous places used in the game. You’ve probably already heard: Vice City, Los Santos, Liberty City – all in one game, on one map. This means that behind the map, there should be strong hardware.

The cities, even the highway between the cities, will need a lot of memory. All the current generation consoles encounter problems at this level with even smaller maps. But PS5 and the new Xbox are supposed to be able to do this. We cannot do anything but wait and see.



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