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Is Coding too Hard? AppGyver Launches a New and FREE No-Code Editor

If you’re a programmer, you might already know that there are tons of tools online which can help you during your work. From frameworks like jQuery, VueJS, or React, and to code editors like Sublime Text 3, they’re all designed to make you write code with much more ease.

But even so, coding will never be like a walk in the park since there are tons of information to learn, even more errors to be fixed, and always new updates for the programming languages to arrive. This is where an app like Composer Pro comes into the scene since it can make you build apps even without writing that long and annoying code.

It’s free for regular users

Composer Pro has been launched yesterday (April 6) by AppGyver, and it’s available for free if you’re not a large organization. The app provides a much more comfortable way of building apps for the web, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Composer Pro uses React Web and React Native, but it can also be extended with plugins for those frameworks.

Marko Lehtimaki, who is the CEO and co-founder of AppGyver, declared the following:

We want the Composer Pro to be used to really remove the last limitations of no-code and making no-code as powerful as writing code. That’s what it comes down to and that’s when a whole new world opens,

Composer Pro offers many pre-built UI components and logic flow blocks for building applications. It has operations accessible and understandable by anybody, whether they are programmers or not.

Lehtimaki also declared:

How do we bring the same level of expression of programming languages to visual development? Basically what we thought that this means is that in practice, everybody likes building blocks and to create these big, complex structures, but we wanted to make it possible to create those building blocks themselves without any line of code so that there would be no place where you would ever need to add code.

Let’s face it: regardless of how fun and exciting coding may be, it still can assure a person the most headaches possible in a lifetime.




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