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Iron Man might come back from the death

Avengers: Endgame’s ending was very sad. We lost Tony Stark, but the latest rumors give us hope of seeing him again. Is there really a way to bring back Iron Man without compromising the final Avengers movie’s heritage? According to the latest MCU rumor, our hopes might not be in vain. It looks like Stark comes back in the upcoming Avengers adventure.

However, the upcoming superhero movie will not be an Avengers 5 type of film. After more than a decade, our loved superhero passed in the Endgame movie. You would think that Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man are the most cherished heroes, but the truth is different.

After such a sad ending, bringing Iron Man back will ruin the movie’s heritage. As much as we love Stark Junior, it will look bad to revive him now. But, that does not mean that he could not somehow rejoin the Avengers. Not entirely, of course. He may even become an antagonist, who knows.

According to the prior concept, it looks like Iron Man will return, but not as the character we all know and adore. Therefore, him returning as an antagonist would make sense. It all seems very confusing at the moment, but bear with me.

In the Endgame film, Gomora and Loki come back, but not entirely. They came back by another deadline. Therefore, the same might happen to Stark. It will still be him but with some differences. Differences that could turn him evil.

The rumor has it Marvel might be working with Illuminati on a new movie. But, this is mere speculations, so take it with a pinch of salt. We don’t know if the film is in the development phase already or not. Is Iron Man part of the MCU’s Illuminati? We don’t know. Do keep in mind that Marvel movies are not exact interpretations of these comics.

What we do know, at least for now, is that Marvel is not getting ready for any Stage 5 strategies. Stage 4 is already delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, so… it makes sense.



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