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iPhone SE2 Comes with LCD panels by LG

Apple relied on LG for LCD panels before the company decided to replaced them with OLED panels in the case of iPhones.

Some voices argue that even the budget iPhones will sport OLED panels in the future, but a new report infers that the iPhone SE2 will use an LCD panel, and it seems that Apple has acquired a batch of LCD screens manufactured by LG. The screens will be used for tests, according to the same sources.

Testing before buying

The report mentions sources that have ties to the component manufacturers and tend to be pretty accurate. Lots of data related to devices made by Samsung and Apple have been leaked by similar sources in the past.

Within the report, it is mentioned that Apple is conducting a series of tests linked to the LCD panels provided by LG. If the results are satisfactory Apple may sign a contract with LG to acquire more LCD panels.

There are also a few interesting details. It seems that LG wasn’t very excited about the opportunity at first since the company doesn’t like to manufacture components for budget devices. However, it is also important to note that the panel manufacturing division owned by LG is going through a restructuring stage, and the new contract offered by Apple could be convenient.

The rumors related to the iPhone SE2

There have been no official announcements related to the iPhone SE2, but the internet is already filled with a large number of rumors connected to the anticipated device. Some leaks suggest that the display size will reach 4.7-inch, a decision which makes it quite attractive for those who want a powerful smartphone with a small form factor.

On the specs side, it will use the A13 Bionic processor paired with 3GB RAM and 64GB of 128GB of internal storage space. The price will start at $399 for the most affordable version.



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