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iPhone SE 2 Vs iPhone 11: Which Camera Setup Is Better?

The iPhone SE 2 series was recently launched on the markets and it is thought to be the smallest and the most affordable smartphone that Apple launched lately. The hardware components were picked in accordance with the most appreciated pieces from the iPhone 11 series, for which a user would pay more than double the price. The processor is the A13 Bionic, featuring as well fast charging options.

iPhone SE 2 Vs iPhone 11 – The Camera Setup

The company has declared that the camera setup for iPhone SE 2 can be compared in quality with the one iPhone 11. However, there is a striking difference between the camera features since the iPhone SE 2 comes with a single backside camera, while the iPhone 11 has two or even three cameras. The similarity between these two gadgets is represented by the zoom lenses.

Both of them present 12MP resolution and an aperture of f1.8 wide. The images benefit from optical image stabilization and sapphire crystal covers. The additional camera was skipped in order to keep the budget-friendly label for the iPhone SE 2.

If you are passionate about photography, the most advisable choice would be to purchase an iPhone 11 since it offers a 2x telephoto zoom and an ultrawide-angle mode, which is responsible for capturing more than a standard zoom lens can. The portrait mode on iPhone 11 Pro allows its users to opt for special effects such as lighting modes.

The upgraded HDR is responsible for capturing in detail the bright and dark areas of any scenery. For the users whose primary objective is to take a couple of shots as a recollecting memory and are not aiming for the most artistic effects on a picture, the iPhone SE 2 is the best phone to buy. The compact design and the affordable price definitely cater to a broad public.



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