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iPhone SE 2 Expected To Roll Out In 2020

On September 10th, 2019, in just a few days, Apple will launch its iPhone 11 series. This year’s iPhone smartphone would come with some changes and additions, but nothing as spectacular as some Apple fans hoped to see. Thanks to the new iOS 13, however, iPhone 11 models would be exciting to experience. But the fans are looking forward to the possibility that Apple will launch iPhone SE 2 in 2020.

iPhone SE 2 Expected to Launch in 2020

The first iPhone SE was a hit. Many iPhone fans preferring to buy the iPhone SE instead of a model of Apple’s flagship series. The Cupertino-based tech giant thought that iPhone XR would serve as an excellent successor for the iPhone SE, but the users disagreed. Now, some new reports went online, suggesting that, finally, Apple might consider to roll out iPhone SE 2 in 2020.

The most significant and reliable report come for Nikkei Asian Review. According to this one, Apple is getting ready to launch a low-cost iPhone smartphone in 2020. Some sources close to Nikkei Asian Review confirmed that the model in question is the successor of iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 2.

Possible iPhone SE 2 Specs

Thanks to the report from Nikkei Asian Review, we can now learn more details about the upcoming iPhone SE 2. According to the information from the before-mentioned source, iPhone SE 2 would sport a 4.7-inch LCD. On the inside, the iPhone SE successor would equip an A13 processor, the same chipset that will power the three iPhone 11 models that Apple will reveal on September 10th.

Besides, as the report suggests, iPhone SE 2 might not come out with Face ID, Apple deciding that mostly to keep the production costs as low as possible. Instead, it would boast Touch ID, most probably. We know no other details on the future iPhone SE 2, and Apple is yet to confirm the development of the smartphone. Hopefully, the device will come out in 2020 as rumors and latest reports suggest.



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