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iPhone 12: When Will It Be Released?

A new rumor has surfaced the Internet and is bringing some mind-blowing information. We have all been wondering when will the long-awaited iPhone 12 be available for purchase. Two sources, Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser and Samsung insider Ross Young have already confirmed that iPhone will delay its release date due to the ongoing pandemic.

Fortunately, fans will not wait too much until they can get their hands on the new iPhone 12 series. Even though the coronavirus crisis has led to extensive social distancing measures, which have caused the closing of many factories, Apple has managed to make the most of this situation.

Young has declared that the production of the new series has been delayed with six weeks. Consequently, the production will probably start at the end of July, and the device will surely be available on the market later than it was previously mentioned (in September). Prosser has then concluded that iPhone 12 will probably be released in October.

The supply change has already begun its game, and more and more leaks are surfacing the Internet. The phone brings a return for the L-shaped design, which was not present in the new phones. In addition to this, the company brings the LiDAR sensor and the 5G modem with the Pro version.

Following Apple’s release pattern, every iPhone apart from iPhone X has been released in October. Hitting this target during this year, given the global pressure, would be a remarkable goal for the giant Cupertino.

iPhone 12 series brings a new concept with unique features and impressive technological equipment. Therefore, it is safe to assume that fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for its release. Apart from the remarkable design changes, the LiDAR sensor cameras, and the debut of 5G technology, Apple brings the lowest entry-level price for the past ten years.



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