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iPhone 12: New Leak Unveils all Upcoming Models of Apple’s Next Flagship

The expectations users have from Apple when it comes to smartphones are way off the charts. The iPhone 11 gadget, which was Apple’s flagship for 2019, was a significant improvement for its predecessor iPhone X – more durability, more RAM memory, better processor, and so on.

Therefore, you can easily imagine that fans are expecting iPhone 12 to be the best phone ever made, if possible. The smartphone is expected to arrive this year in September if it all goes according to the plan. If not, it will be a delay of several months due to the new coronavirus pandemic. However, we already have a pretty good idea about what to expect from iPhone 12.

There will be four models

Apple will bring not one, but four models of the iPhone 12 flagship. The Jon Prosser YouTuber continues his Apple leaks with a new unveiling awaited by a whole world. He claims that prototyping for the upcoming iPhone 12 phones is just about finalized:

As you can see for yourself, there’s 5G compatibility for all the four models of iPhone 12, and that’s excellent news. 5G is expected to be not just a caprice as many people are claiming, but it’s the right technology to assure vehicle traffic safety, and much more. With the 5G technology, a driver will receive instant info about when there are significant threats in traffic.

2020 is the year when many smartphones came to the market packed with 5G support, and Apple’s next flagship can’t possibly fall short.

A14 processor

All four models of iPhone 12 will also be equipped with the upcoming A14 processor, which is expected to be the fastest processor ever created by Apple. A14 shall be the first from the A-series to cross the 3.0 GHz mark.

However, there is a good chance that the ongoing pandemic will go away until September so that the release of iPhone 12 won’t be delayed.





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