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iPhone 12 — Cameras, Design, Features, and More

The world of the Internet is full of rumors, leaks, sources, and much other information when it comes to a new device and launches. Because Apple is not making an exception and will not make in the future, we are going, summing up all the rumors and leaks we have about the iPhone 12. Everyone is saying about the future iPhone 12 that it will be the best smartphone released by Apple.

The cameras of iPhone 12

The first thing to analyze on this new iPhone 12 is the camera. The rumors are saying that Apple will introduce the long-range 3D camera. With the long-range 3D camera, the phone will work on laser-based, which is supporting the mapping of the environment for about 15 feet. Besides better portrait photographs, the phone will also have augmented reality.


The second thing that is making an impact on the iPhone 12 is the design. iPhone 12 could come with a plan which brings you to the models of the iPhone X, XS, or 11 Pro. The new smartphone will come with three versions- the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In this case, we can talk of different sizes of the screens, from 5.4 inches for the Pro version, to 6.7 inches for the iPhone Pro Max 5G.

Other features of the iPhone 12

Besides this, Apple could finally reintroduce the Touch ID in the display, without removing the Face ID. The patents filed by Apple confirms the support of the Touch ID into the next iPhone. Also, we are expecting a smaller notch and a change in the displays. The possibility of the new 120Hz ProMotion display will come as a gold mine on the new phone.

Finally, Apple will add Samsung’s Y-OCTA display technology for the OLED panels. In the performance department, we don’t know many things, except for the existence of the Apple A12 chipset. The iPhone 12 will come for sure with support for the 5G network and hope that the price won’t get higher because of that. When it comes to the release date, Apple will stick to its tradition and launch it in September.



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