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iPhone 12 and iOS 14 Should Bring More New Features, As The Fans Believe

Apple is continuously working to make its devices better. we are here to tell you what they should add or where they should work more to make iPhone 12 and iOS 14 better, as per fans’ wishlists. We have prepared a list of all of these things.

Apple should put more accent of reliability

After iOS 12 had to deal with no trouble, with iOS 13, the story was different. Apple is still fighting bugs. Reports stated that they changed some things in the development process to improve reliability, so we think that iOS 14 should be more about stability. They also need to make sure that the first release of the new operating system is without any kind of trouble.

And perhaps we should not get promises about certain features without actually getting them, or waiting way too much time for them. The team needs to have enough time to work on them.

They should work more on dictation

Google added its Recorder app on Pixel 4, and what did iOS do? Feel disappointed in itself. The text-to-speech transcription was accurate. It even put periods between sentences by itself. Maybe Apple should work on something like this, as well.

The dictation feature coming from Apple is quite slow and inaccurate, so most people don’t even bother. It does not also work without a network connection, and it cannot keep up with an average talking pace, either.

They should add a new home screen

The home screen of the iPhone got a bit changed with the introduction of iOS 7, but since then, nothing new. You can long-press on the app icon to get context menus, but it’s still all about icons that you can barely re-order. There are so many ways in which you can change the grid of icons.

How about a more dynamic API? Or an icon with the weather that’s changing according to what’s outside. Or maybe a text messaging app that shows how many unread messages you have.

They should be more specific with their notifications on iPhone 12

It’s a well-known fact that they improved their notifications, but we believe it’s still not enough. When you want to change it from Settings, you get a lot of options, but we all know you won’t use those. Because they do not differentiate the notifications.

We want to differentiate the relevant notifications and the not-so-important ones. Some notifications require our attention right away, and right now, we do not see that on our iPhones.

A better Siri in iOS 14

We know that the company keeps improving Siri every year. For example, they gave it a more natural voice, and it also has support for music and podcast, and that was a huge win. But it still needs work. It’s not as good as Alexa, and it does not even answer general questions correctly.

You can search for something on Spotlight and get all the details that you need, but with Siri, you’ll get the necessary info. And there’s also the problem with the voice recognition. Perhaps more trivia questions? Its answers need to be more accurate in iOS 14 and iPhone 12.



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