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iPhone 12 5G Release Date – New Speculations and Reports

If you’re wondering when an iPhone 12 5G will ever happen, if whether the 5G connectivity will run on your existing iPhone, or it will support mmWave variants, well, there might exist some answers.

As the 5G expands on the Android environment, it is normal to want to find out when it will reach Apple. Famous analyst and tipster Ming-Chi Kuo has some high expectations when it comes to the 5G connectivity for Apple. He predicts that three late-2020 iPhones will arrive with such network support. He also believes that the smartphones will even include a mmWave 5G.

What to Expect This Year From the Next-Gen iPhone 12 5G, If Possible

Currently, the iPhone 11 series are the most recent devices, but they don’t support the 5G network. As Ming-Chi Kuo believes, we should expect three or more 5G-ready iPhones to be launched this fall. Back in 2018, reports claimed that Apple has under development a 5G modem with Intel. But such news was quickly dismissed. Neither Intel or another supplier, like Mediatek, were able to provide 5G components for a 2019 fall launch event.

We now expect a 2020 release event, but until the Cupertino-based giant tech established an agreement with Qualcomm, it was believed that iPhone 5G might not come until 2021. Timothy Arcuri, the USB analyst, had discussed to 9to5Mac at the commencement of April 2019 that Apple was choosing 2021 for the 5G iPhones. He also described the process as a “technical hurdle.”

Kuo, on the other hand, detailed: “Apple and Qualcomm’s end of patent dispute and entrance into a six-year licensing deal implies new 2H20 iPhone 12 models will support 5G.” To be sure, added Kuo, we should wait for Apple’s first hints, rumored to be released this summer. An iPhone 12 5G connectivity is much-awaited as the other smartphone manufacturer already introduced such a feature.



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