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iPhone 11 Bluetooth Issues [Fix]

There are some annoying iPhone 11 issues that you might encounter too much. Bluetooth problems are one bother currently, and we need to fix them as soon as possible. If you’re aware of such an issue, then you know that connecting your iPhone to Bluetooth is almost impossible. Or when you try to pair your device to another one via Bluetooth. It won’t do the trick, and it will leave you with an unfinished task. Find one of the best ways to fix such issues below.

How to Fix iPhone 11 Bluetooth Issues

Restart Your Bluetooth Accessory

Turn off your Bluetooth and wait for a couple of minutes before turning it back on. See if the Bluetooth device is adequately charged, too.

Toggle Bluetooth

Access Settings, then Bluetooth, and turn it off. Again, you should wait for a few minutes before toggling the switch on.

Bluetooth App

There might be a Bluetooth app that requires your Bluetooth features. If that’s so, you should check if the Bluetooth is turned on for that app. Access Settings, Privacy, and then Bluetooth.

Try to Unpair Bluetooth Device

This method can also solve your issue. Unpair the Bluetooth device and then turn it back again. Go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. Search for a device you want to unpair and tap it. Ultimately, choose to Forget device. When the Bluetooth device is in the search mode again, try pairing it with your phone.

Restart Your iPhone 11

You can always find useful the restarting of your device, not only for this Bluetooth issue. You can quickly get rid of bugs that caused you lots of connections problems. Restart your iPhone 11 by pressing and holding the volume buttons and the side buttons simultaneously. The slider will shortly pop-up, and you’ll have to drag it to turn your device off. Next, press and hold the side button to turn the iPhone.



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