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iOS 14 Beta Version Will Come Earlier for Some Users

As an Apple fan and user, the latest iOS 14 is something that you will want to test for sure. Even if we are talking about an iPhone or an iPad, everyone wants to explore the new software update on the device. It seems that some users will experience the features of the latest iOS 14 earlier than others. The new software will come with a lot of new features and changes.

iOS 14 Beta Version Release

The iOS 14 Beta version will happen the first time for the Apple developers, of course, and then to a selected group of iPhone users. As we know by now, Apple is consistent with its schedule year by year when it comes to updates, new software, or hardware releases. This fact is making everyone speculate on the release date and is giving the best occasion for rumors.

However, when it comes to its software updates for devices, from iOS, macOS, watchOS to tvOS, the company is following a steady process for all of them. And every user is invited to the annual Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, year by year. In the WWDC event, Apple will present details and information about the upcoming software, and after that, the beta version is out for the developers.

Apple’s WWDC Event

Besides this, we are guessing more than ever that, at the WWDC event, Apple will launch the software update of iOS 14, and will be somewhere in the first week of June. If this is going as planned, and after the company’s schedule, we will have the iOS 14 full version after a few months of the WWDC event.

This means somewhere around September when Apple will also launch the iPhone 12 part of another event.
In essence, we don’t know many details about the features of iOS 14 or specs, but the development and testing are specially made to release a version without many bugs. Also, the iOS14 is compatible with the iPhone devices that support the iOS 13. This means the models after SE and iPhone 6.



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