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iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Available by Unc0ver 5.0: Improved New Tool

Unc0ver is the new jailbreaking phenomenon for iPhone users. It can be accessed by those having an iOS operating system older than iOS 11. The company has recently revealed its latest upgrade, Unc0ver version 5.0.0. The company’s officials claim that this new version will be the answer to any iOS device and user’s necessity. The renowned iOS hacker uses a zero-day kernel vulnerability, which was specially designed by Pwn20wnd. The release of this application came very soon, bearing in mind the fact that the company has announced that its developers are planning on releasing this version, and the official release date was the following day.

Jailbreaking is a common practice for iPhone users, which allows them to access and download content that is restricted by the giant Cupertino, such as games and other content. Unc0ver has revealed on its official website that the jailbreaking tool and its capabilities were tested on a large number of iPhone devices, as well as differential software versions. Therefore, the company has publicly revealed that the jailbreaking tool was specially designed to cater to any need of iPhone users that run between the latest update (iOS 13.5) and iOS 11.

The official announcement of Unc0ver’s release was immediately posted on the Pwn20wnd’s Twitter account. The application takes into consideration the safety and security of its users. Therefore, the officials have revealed on their website that the application uses “native system sandbox exceptions,” which are responsible for the security concerns that may arise while accessing jailbreak files.

The Unc0ver application was recently released, and before iPhone users could access its services, they mostly used Checkra1n. Up until now, the users could have used only Checkra1n as a jailbreak tool for the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X series. The new jailbreaking tool powered by Unc0ver can now be downloaded from its official website.



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