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iOS 13.3 Is Available Now, and It Brings New Features and Bug Fixes

Apple has launched its third significant iOS 13 update. iOS 13.3 is now available for iPhones, and it brings a new pack of features and fixes for some bugs encountered in the previous update. iOS 13.3 represents quite the deal, being almost 700MB. We should make sure to have a high-speed Wi-Fi network for quicker downloading and installation.

Many new improvements are in iOS 13.3

As the official changelog relates, the latest update brings a new parental control that provides a better communication limit between parents and their kids, while utilizing calling options on Facetime, for example. So, iOS 13.3 now permits parents to control the contact list on their kids’ devices and let them only choose contacts to appear on iPhones owned by kids.

The Apple News app gets an overhaul, which now shows a new layout for Apple New+ posts from customized publications. There is, as well, a setting to like or dislike a story with ease. The Stocks app is currently available in Canada in French and English. It now indicates look-alike stock-related stories from the same publication. Users can see two new labels dubbed “Breaking” and “Developing” on Stocks.

iOS 13.3 came with bug fixes, too

As for the bug fixes, users can now create a new video film while cropping a video in the Photos app. Also, Safari now supports submissive security keys from NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2. iOS 13.3 also fixes an issue that made users experience an unclear missed call badge.

Moreover, the issues that stopped deleting mails from Gmail is now fixed. The screenshots won’t appear blurry anymore on Messages, and the mobile data setting bug was resolved. Besides those fixes, developers found a solution for the issues that stopped turning off dark mode when the smart inverter was on. Ultimately, iOS 13.3 fixed that issue that made some third-party wireless chargers charge slower than supposed.



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