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iOS 13.3.1 Update Fixes Numerous Flaws The Previous One Brought

Apple’s latest update has recently been released by the developers working to enhance the operating system. iOS 13.3.1 is finally here with fixes after the previous rollout came with more issues than the devices had without it.

The new update is meant for all devices compatible with iOS 13, which means the iPhone S and newer and the seventh generation of iPod Touch. iPad owners aren’t to be concerned with the regular iOS because the company has replaced the operating system on iPads with a dedicated one, iPadOS.

​After the massive chaos, the iOS 13 was, the big news concerning the first 24 hours of the rollout is that Apple, at the ninth try, may have finally got the hold of it. However, the OS is far from perfect, as there are still numerous graphical flaws that require fixing, as well as some secluded connectivity issues with the AirPods and the Apple Watch.

iOS 13.3.1 Addressed Many Flaws

However, the big news is some reports concerning some lengthy problems such as drop-outs, and the battery drain is observable due to their absence. The O2 flaw has been addressed and, even though there are numerous reports about carrier issues, the majority are complimenting the iOS 13.3.1 for addressing them. The same goes for other vulnerabilities as well.

Lately, however, a niche but rather major bug in the update has been reported. The flaw is causing issues for developers. One of the devs that discovered the bug is Neil Jordan, who said: “Since iOS 13.3.1, it’s impossible for any developer without a paid Apple Developer license to build & test their apps on their actual device if those apps contain any embedded frameworks. The apps just immediately crash.”​

Numerous people have reported the issue, and it is a massive deal for affected developers who cannot work on their applications. Jordan said that devs had reported the flaw to Apple, but the company has not responded yet.



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