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iOS 13.2 Jailbreak teased by a Developer

Apple has been against jailbreak since the first solution surfaced after the iPhone was released in 2007. The company has strived to complicate the work of developers who provide jailbreak solutions, arguing that any jailbreaking will expose an iPhone or other iDevices to a large number of security threats.

The latest version of iOS was released on 19 September 2019, a day before the company unveiled the iPhone 11 range. While the latest generation of iPhones was well-received by critics and reviewers alike, the same cannot be said about iOS 13.

It is important to note that a large number of new features were implemented in iOS 13, among which we can count the anticipated Dark Mode, but several major bugs were also present, as many fans submitted countless posts across several tech-focused platforms.

Users argued that they faced a large number of issues, ranging from app crashes, specific in-app bugs, problems with features like Siri or the Personal Hotspot, and compatibility with some accessories, including Fitbit wearables and Apple Watches.

Apple rushed to release several small updates that attempted to fix most of the issues, but a few bugs continue to persist.

Some users prefer to customize their experience with the help of jailbreak solutions. They allow users to install tweaks that can remove major problems before Apple releases a stable update. To counteract such practices Apple is quite keen on tracking down and removing any security vulnerabilities.

A developer has teased a stable jailbreak solution for devices that run iOS 13.2, showcasing an iPod on which was jailbroken. A possible release date was not offered, but many hope that it could be released in the following weeks.

The jailbreak relies on the checkra1n exploit and features Cydia, Zebra, and Installer, allowing users to obtain and install third-party apps and tweaks without problems.

Users who wish to jailbreak their device are advised to avoid sites that promise a one-tap solution in exchange for money since it is likely that the jailbreak solutions offered by them are fake.



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