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iOS 13.2 Available Soon with New Beats Solo Pro Feature

Apple has been hard at work in recent months, and it seems that a new iOS update will be released before October ends. A new feature present on the Beats Solo Pro will require this version, and the headphones will be available in a week.

It is important to remember that the recent updates weren’t exactly perfect. Many Apple fans loved the new features added by iOS 13, but a storm of bugs accompanied the update. Among the issues faced by the users we can count random app crashes, poor signal reception, sluggish performance while camera modes are switched, and much more. The issues were so severe that the United States Department of Defense decided to release a memo that warned employees to avoid the update until a stable version is released.

The bugs prompted Apple to release a series of minor updates that fixed some bugs, but major ones remain. Many users continue to complain that they are affected by call dropping and battery drain issues. A quick look at the notes for the iOS 13.1.3 shows that lots of minor issues have been solved, including some related to addresses, Apple Watch features, and compatibility with some accessories.

Users who visit the official Beats Solo Pro product page will see than one of the features which are advertised is the ability to pair them instantly with the Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. A footnote found at the bottom of the page mentions that the feature needs an iCloud account and a device that runs macOS, 10.14.6, iOS 13.2 and watchOS 6.0.

According to the official schedule, the Beats Solo Pro will be released on Wednesday, October 30. Likely, most users will not have the option to experience the instant setup advertised on the product page until the latest update will be released.

The 13.2 beta update has been in beta testing for several weeks, and it might be released faster than some may think.



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