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iOS 13.2.2 Available with Major Bug Fixes

Apple has received praise for the latest iPhone range, but the same cannot be said about the iOS 13 update. Immediately after release, a large number of users reported a high number of annoying bugs.

A large number of bugs forced Apple to accelerate the release schedule for the 13.1 updates which was released one week ahead to mitigate the problems. Several smaller patches have been released since then, and they managed to remove most of the major issues. However, some users were unimpressed by Apple’s efforts and decided to downgrade back to iOS 12.4 while Apple signed the necessary files.

The company has released the iOS 13.2.2 update, which seeks to correct a flaw that forced the OS to kill background tasks too early. In some cases, the apps were killed when, as soon as the user switched to another app via the multitask menu (for example, YouTube was stopped when the user opened the Facebook app). The bug was quite annoying for many users since the utility of the multitask feature was lost as they had to wait for while the apps reloaded.

Besides the main bug, the patch also addresses an issue that leads to a temporary loss of cellular signal after a call was performed. A different bug rendered emails encrypted with S/MIME unreadable was also removed. Sign-in issues with Kerberos in Safari were also removed. Users who use a Lightning-enabled Yubikey will be able to charge their devices after a bug that blocked the ability has been fixed.

It is worth noting that the iOS 13.2.2 comes hot on the heels of the iOS 13.2 update, which added a selection of new emoji and enabled Deep Fusion, an image-processing feature which employs machine learning to improve the quality of pictures. Users can now change the resolution and frame of videos within the Camera app.

A developer beta is already available for iOS 13.3, and a public beta should arrive in the following weeks.



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