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iOS 13.1.3 Comes as the Latest Software Update for Fixing iPhone and iPad

The Apple Company launched the iOS 13.1.3 version today. The update comes as a solution for fixing the existing bugs from iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has also prepared some performance improvements. The latest software is available for all the iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. iOS 13.1.3 will fix Mail, Bluetooth issues, and more. The full list with bug fixes and improvements include:

  • Resolving a problem which stopped the device from ringing or even vibrating for an incoming call;
  • Improving the launch performance for all the apps that use Game Center;
  • Fixing an issue for Apple Watch’s notification option;
  • Enhancing the experience for Bluetooth’s connection reliability for hearing aids and headsets;
  • Finding a solution for displaying the data in the Health app after daylight saving time change;
  • Resolving a problem with Voice Memos recordings which couldn’t be downloaded after restoring them from iCloud Backup;
  • Improving the Bluetooth experience for specific vehicles and fixing the issue;
  • Apple Watch can now pair all the time;
  • Apps won’t fail to download now when you restore them from iCloud Backup;
  • You can now open a meeting invite in Mail each time.

The last update was for the iOS 13.1.1. And then after just two days later, it was released the iOS 13.1.2 update, now we hope for permanent improvements. Apple, however, is working at a beta iOS 13.2 right now. Developers want to introduce some new Deep Fusion camera settings and more technology.

As for the macOS, Apple develops a new update, too. The macOS Catalina Supplemental Update has some installation and reliability enhancements. Also, this update is recommended for all users. The update comes with fixings for Setup Assistant, iCloud Terms and Conditions for multiple iCloud accounts, saving games in Game Center improvement, and more.



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