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iOS 13.1.2 and watchOS 6.0.1 Available with New Security Updates and Bug Fixes

Apple has been hard at work in recent weeks, especially after the release of iOS 13 was followed by a wave of discontent due to a variety of bugs.

To address this issue, the company pushed a series of patches for iPhones and iPads. Their sole purpose is to squash bugs, and they don’t bring any major changes. A new update for watchOS was also released this week.

iOS 13 arrived with a rich selection of new features. Among them, we can count Shortcut Automations, the option to share ETAs, a built-in swipe keyboard, the anticipated dark mode and much more. The 13.1.1 update brought some bug fixes, including security updates for Bluetooth, and stability fixes for Reminders and Safari.

The latest update targets a selection of bugs that have been reported by a large number of users. At a size of 70MB on iPhone 11 Pro Max but it is a bit smaller on other devices. Here are some of the bugs which were affixed.

The iCloud Backup progress bar has been fixed, and it will no longer appear after the backup was completed.

A bug which crashed the Camera app was fixed. The user would see a black screen upon opening the camera app, and the only fix was to clear the app from the recent app list

Flashlight issue

In some cases touching the Flashlight icon wouldn’t turn on the camera. The problem has been fixed.

Display calibration issues

After the update was installed, some users observed that the display showed a few hints of yellow which shouldn’t have been visible. The problem was caused by a bug that corrupted the display calibration data on iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max devices. A similar bug has been encountered among some iWatch devices, but the recent patches fixed the issues.

In the case of watchOS, the 6.0.1 update fixes some watch faces and a problem related to the calendar app.



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