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iOS 13.1.1 Update Available with Third-Party Keyboard Fixes ​

Apple has warned its customers earlier this week that third-party keyboards in the newly released iOS 13 could attain full access and transmit data via the internet even if the user didn’t give their permission.

The first report on the bug came from TechCrunch. Renown third-party keyboards include SwiftKey, owned by Microsoft, Google’s Gboard, and Grammarly. Those using one of these keyboards have likely already granted them full access, as they frequently ask to offer additional features. If you have purposely declined to grant full access, we recommend you to temporarily delete the third-party keyboards.

Now, the Cupertino-based tech giant has developed and rolled out an update that solves it. iOS 13.1.1 update is at the moment being rolled out and comes with fixes for the third-party keyboards issue, as well as a solving for users who might have experienced with their battery draining faster than usual after updating to the new iOS 13.

The just-released iOS 13.1.1 update also solves problems that could block iPhone from restoring from backup, Apple announced. Besides, the update also enhances Siri recognition on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and fixes a bug that could have led to a dull syncing in Reminders.

The iOs 13.1.1 is the tech giant’s most recent effort to address the weaknesses of its latest significant software launch. However, other issues have still remained, as numerous iOS 13 clients reported.

The worst issue the users reported is that an iPhone running on iOS 13 can often drop data, but continue to show full bars as if nothing is wrong. This usually occurs after coming up from the subway, users report. Enabling and then disabling the airplane mode or cellular data is not sufficient to solve it. The only fix that works is powering he phone off and on again.



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