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iOS 12.3 to iOS 13.2.2 Jailbreak Available with Checkra1n

If you are searching for a good and fix solution for your iOS regarding the jailbreak problem, then axiomX is the first problem to fix it. axiomX finally realizes Checkra1n for everyone who has an iOS 13 or beyond, and they need and want a jailbreak. That means the tool for jailbreaking is starting with iPhone 5S through the iPhone X.

When it comes to the process of jailbreak, the users must know that the tool supports only Cydia, unfortunately for the ones with Sileo. For using Checkra1n, you must use a macOS computer, unfortunately for Windows and Linux users. Every step you will take with the tool it will be repeated after every reboot or shutdown of your device.

Moving on, the first thing you have to do is to install Checkra1n on your Mac. In case you are facing difficulties, go to System Preferences – Security and Privacy – click FileVault – enter your password – TurnOff FileVault. You can find Checkra1n  on its site, download the beta on your computer, and click Keep. After downloading it, move it to the Application folder and hit the search button for it. Open Checkra1n and set it up. Take note that any iOS software downloads must be deleted for the installation to complete.

Besides this, after you have the tool installed, connect your phone through your USB cable to the computer. The program will detect your phone and software, click Start. A message requesting you to reboot your phone in DFU will appear, ignore it because the program will do the task in the Recovery mode. After that, you can move to the DFU mode and follow the steps on the screen.

Finally, if you followed the steps successfully, then you can open Checkra1n and click on Cydia. After the jailbreak gest installed, you are free to customize your iOS as you like.



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