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Intel’s 10th-Generation Series of CPU’s: Up To 5.3 GHz

Intel, the notorious American corporation headquartered in Santa Clara (CA), has been doing a very good job for many years regarding the manufacturing of processors. But technology is evolving day by day, and so are the customers’ expectations. If you want to play the most demanded games at the highest graphics settings possible, if you need to edit videos in 4K or 8K easily, or if you want to get the best out of Virtual Reality games, you’ll need the most powerful CPU that you can get.

The guys from Intel seem to have thought about all of this, and they are revealing their latest and ambitious plans. The tenth generation of the main processors like i9, i7, i5, and even i3 shall get significant upgrades.

Hyperthreading for all

All the processors are getting the hyperthreading technology. This is extremely useful for stuff like video editing, 3D rendering, and handling several tasks at once. Hyperthreading can help a CPU push easy tasks like background apps or browser windows to one of the processors, while more demanding apps like games will go to another.

But the good news is away from over for the Intel fans: every CPU is receiving a 100-200 MHz speed boost over its predecessor.

The Core i9 upgrade

This is probably the most notable upgrade Intel is bringing. The i9-9900K has been very powerful already, but now the i9-10900K comes into the scene. The boost frequencies are 100 MHz faster, and there are also introduced new Velocity clocks.

The new upgrades from Intel will be officially presented, most likely, during the CES 2020 event that will take place on January 7 in Nevada. Plenty of technological beauties are expected to be shown at the huge event, including highly-intelligent robots that can cook pizza, play a pet’s role, perform surgeries, and much other stuff to make our lives easier.



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