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Instagram Adds Direct Messaging for Windows 10

When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for the staggering amount of $1 billion, it wasn’t for nothing. The two giants are planning to become better together, ant the results keep on coming. Although Instagram gets most of its users from the mobile app, the developers are also improving the PC version of it. The new version of Instagram for PC’s is allowing users to send and receive messages.

Admiring photos and profiles from an Android or iOS phone is one thing, but some people prefer the good ol’ PC to show them the desired content. Instagram has become a PWA now (a progressive web app), which means that the PC version of the app is expected to be more stable, among other benefits.

Still not upgrading to Windows 10?

Instagram’s new update is for Windows 10. This means that it’s highly unlikely that the version can work on older operating systems such as Windows 8 or Windows 7. Since January, the eleven years old Windows 7 is not receiving any technical support from Microsoft anymore. This means that the operating system is officially dead. Therefore, Microsoft is strongly encouraging users to upgrade to its latest operating system: Windows 10. However, some users still refuse to do it, but Instagram’s PWA version might be another good reason for upgrading.

Instagram or Facebook?

Even if Instagram is owned by Facebook, as it is mentioned above, it’s still interesting to find out which one offers the best social media network. Both social networks are exciting, fun to read and see photos through them, but also to meet people with the same opinions on different topics as you. Whatever the answer to the big question is, one thing’s for sure: Instagram has become way more popular in recent years than it was before.

To get the new Instagram PWA for Windows 10, you’ll just have to search the app in your Microsoft Store and head for the version



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