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Instagram Update Brings Performance Improvements

Social media is a core part of the modern life as many internet users have at least one account on a popular social media network. The rise of the smartphones contributed greatly to their popularity, with some services offering several features in the app version that cannot be accessed via the browser on a PC. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, as it is used by hundreds of millions of users.

Instagram Features

As in the case of WhatsApp, the initial version was released exclusively for iOS devices. It became a quick hit among many users, and the climbing popularity encouraged the developers to release dedicated versions for a large number of platforms, among which we can count Android, FireOS, Windows 10, and others.

The main feature of Instagram is the ability to shoot pictures and upload them almost instantly from your smartphone. Taking a new picture is as simple as launching the app and tapping on the + icon that can be found in the lower section of the screen. Tap on the shoot button, and the new photo will be ready for use.

Images can be customized with the help of a rich selection of fun and interesting filters that can add a note of personalization to your content. The built-in photo editor will also offer the ability to thinker with a variety of settings, among which we can count color, saturation, and shadows.

The New Instagram Update

When you are with the result, you can move to the next screen. Tag people, write a caption, and choose the option to post simultaneously on both Facebook and Twitter before sharing the post. Talk with friends and family by using the chat feature and follow the latest updates that are shared by loved ones, brands, and celebrities in the Story section. New performance improvements are introduced by the Instagram update.



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