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HP’s Back to School Sale: Best Deals

HP’s Back to School sales offers excellent deals to students as well as teachers. Although not everyone is going back to school, some states and cities are. Therefore, it is good to prepare yourself in time. As you know, the pandemic is forcing some schools to continue with the online classes. 

Colleges and universities

The sales continue for this week as well, so let’s see what college and university students can get for a low budget. Many PCs, laptops and even monitors are now on sale. However, we are going to show you only the best deals. 

HP 340S G7 Notebook PC — Customizable

You definitely need to check out the HP 340S G7 Notebook PC — Customizable. This product is perfect for traveling due to its lightweight, plus its thin design will save you some space in your backpack. 

But enough chit-chatting, let’s see what it actually has to offer. This portable device features a narrow edge 14″ diagonal screen and a 79.1% screen-to-body ratio. Plus, an Intel Generation 10 chipset powers it. This processor will adapt to your needs, whether we are talking about entertainment or college stuff. You can now acquire it for $573.00.

HP ENVY Desktop TE01-1150xt

HP ENVY Desktop TE01-1150xt is one of the best deals in terms of stationary working. If you are a more creative person, then you should definitely check this out. This HP product was designed for a creative workspace and will help you very much. 

Besides its work features, you can also use it for entertainment as its system is amazing. On top of that, it encircles sound for a better experience. Same as the above device, this one is powered by a 0th Gen Intel® Core™ chip. You will definitely enjoy its integrated graphics. You can buy it for $499.99.

HP OMEN 27i Monitor

HP ENVY Desktop TE01-1150xt will work just fine with the OMEN 27i Monitor. This HP monitor features 165Hz refresh speed, and it worths only $479.99. That’s $979.98 for a complete desk. If you are looking for a solid product, this is the one you should consider buying. After many strict military-standard testing, OMEN 27i Monitor is more than likely to last for a long time. 

Don’t forget to check out HP’s website for more deals. 

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