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How To Uninstall Preinstalled Android Apps

Google offers some interesting preinstalled apps for Android users, but sometimes you might just want to get rid of some of them. And of course, such a measure can free up storage space. After all, it’s annoying to know that you’re having 16 GB of storage on your phone, but some apps are already occupying some of that memory, and you can’t delete them if you find them useless.

Beware of uninstalling some of the apps, though. They may contain very useful files for your phone, so you should think twice before making a decision.

Try to disable them first

Disabling an app means a much lower risk than uninstalling it. It will simply “put to sleep” the unwanted app, which means it is still there on your phone somewhere, but it’s not active anymore, and therefore, it cannot consume resources. You can disable apps since Android 4.0, by doing the following:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Here, you will find three options: All Apps, Disabled, and Enabled.

The next step is to choose which app you want to disable. You cannot disable or uninstall the mandatory apps which are allowing Android to run properly, like the Settings app.

Deleting preinstalled apps

Ok, you are convinced that you really don’t need a certain app, and you never want to see it again on your phone. But before learning how to take full control of your device so you can get rid of any software, make sure you know what you’re doing and be aware of the damage a measure like this can bring to you. You might void your warranty, lose access to your bank account, cause malfunctioning to other apps, and more. The risk is YOURS.

Therefore, if you still want to be able to delete any app you want from your smartphone, grab the System app remover (ROOT). Here you’ll have a simple guide:

However, we insist that you think more carefully about wanting to delete a preinstalled app. Don’t forget that you always have the option of buying and using a memory card for your phone. It’s cheap these days and very useful.



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