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How to Turn Off Your Google Assistant

If you are one of the users of Google Assistant, you know the benefits of having it. The virtual Assistant from Google has evolved a lot since its first launching, is available for both Android and iPhone and smartphones and home devices. At the same time, even if the Assistant is useful, maybe there are some times that you don’t want it to listen to everything you say and discuss. So, let’s turn back in times where Google Assistant did not exist, and we will help you to turn it off.

If you have a good reason to turn Google Assistant off, if it became annoying to pop up in conversation, to speak with you from the purse, or if it appears every time you unlock your phone, then close it. You can deactivate Google for good by opening the Google app; go to the three bars that are the Menu. Hit Settings –> Google Assistant Settings -> Phone – Disable Assistant Option.

How to Turn Off Your Google Assistant

However, to be sure that you won’t hear Google talking to you suddenly, it’s >good to deactivate the support button as well. If the button is still available and you hit it, then… you know what’s next. Go to Settings- Applications – Default Applications- Device Assistant App. You will have to select if the button will open an assistant or not. Choose to have non supporting app instead.

Besides this, if you want to use the Assistant without it to activate by mistake, go to Settings- Apps and Notifications – Default Apps – Assist and Voice Input. Another step that you can do for not having Google Assistant is to uninstall the updates. Go to Settings – Applications – Application Manager – search for Google – Uninstall it. Finally, the uninstall part is practically the radical solution for your problem, and it all depends if you don’t want to use it all or just put a pause on it.



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