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How To Pre-Order Dragon Ball Z Kakarot with $10 Discount

After long months of waiting, we are just two days until the release of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, which will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The open-world game promises to provide Dragon Ball fans with everything they could ever want: tons of fighting, training, but also compelling and faithfully recreated story as the one from the anime.

We’ve already seen in the past days numerous footage from the new RPG game, and they even make Dragon Ball characters look better than ever. The long struggles and fights of the Z warriors against the fierce enemies that are threatening Earth were truly ground shaking.

$10 Off at purchase from Amazon

Those who are willing to get their hands on the game from the very first day can do so by taking advantage of Amazon’s $10 discount. The standard edition of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot could be bought for $50 in both console versions, PS4 and Xbox One.

Also, pre-ordering the game will assure you some bonus content: early access to training with Bonyu, who is a new character designed by Akira Toriyama himself; a new cooking item that boosts HP and melee attack; and a feature dubbed “A Competitive Party With Friends”.

No room for Dragon Ball Super

While some Dragon Ball fans may be disappointed with the non-involvement of any Dragon Ball Super aspects in the new game, the hardcore fans are happy because of the news. Super is considered a disgrace for the Dragon Ball franchise by many people, although it has far stronger characters than the Z has. Goku & co had been achieving higher power levels like Super Sayian God, Super Sayian Blue, or Ultra Instinct, so maybe it would have been nice to see them in the upcoming game.

So who will be your favorite character in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? Anybody placing his bet on Yamcha?



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