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How to Play YouTube in the Background With Your Phone Locked

The theory in this one is quite tricky. You cannot play YouTube videos with the screen off, because the app automatically pauses the video you are watching. Many users are so annoyed by the lack of this feature. Just imagine how easier things would be with this feature. There is nothing that can help you directly from the app, but we know how to solve this issue.

How to Play YouTube in the Background With Your Phone Locked

Web browser

This method is entirely free. You just need to use a web browser app, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. After you have downloaded the app – you probably already have Google Chrome – you need to open the YouTube website in the browser and go to Settings (those three dots) at the top right of the page. Then tick “request desktop site.” This helps you play a video even after you have locked your phone.


This app can be found on the Google Play Store. It converts YouTube videos from the app to mp3, and the file will keep playing in the background – it is now an audio file.

You need to open the YouTube app, then search the video you want to play. Then you need to tap on the overflow menu (⋮) next to the result and select “Share.” You will get a notification when the video gets converted to mp3. After it is done, the audio will automatically start.


This one is a bit complicated but bear with us. This app is quite useful, but you would not find it in the Google Play Store. The answer is F-Droid. Before you start, you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. You can only do it manually from the settings. Then you need to go to the official F-Droid website and download the app.

After it is installed, you will get a list of apps that is empty, but do not worry, and it needs a few seconds to download a list of the currently available apps from the server. After that, type NewPipe in the search box, then install the app.

Then you need to open the app and search for a song. The video will continue to work after you have locked your phone. In the main settings, the YouTube videos that are played with NewPipe will stop when you lock your phone, but it can all work out by tapping those three dots, and select Switch to the background – your video will continue to play when the screen is off.

YouTube Premium subscription

This one is not a free choice. YouTube Premium is the former YouTube Red. This subscription service comes with offline and background access to content. It costs $11.99 a month, and you get access to all these fantastic features. The best part is that you will get experience with no ads whatsoever.



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