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How to Play Now Minecraft Earth for iOS and Android

Minecraft Earth is expected to become a hugely popular game, and not only because the Minecraft community is very big. Augmented reality is a new concept in gaming brought by Pokemon Go, and it has been very well received. Minecraft Earth plans to continue the ascension of augmented reality, and it has been already going live in some locations from the world. Now the game is available for download on iOS and Android in the US. All you have to do is a quick simple search for the game.

There is a more expansive version of Minecraft Earth yet to come, but for now you can spend plenty of hours of gameplay collecting resources, building things and others, getting hold of the Minecraft vibe. The plan is most likely to start with an early access version in order to keep people under control as the developer has to deal with improvements and technical issues. The next phase is obviously to make a bigger step when things start to develop in a more convenient way.

Thus, Minecraft Earth, Microsoft’s new augmented-reality game developed for iOS and Android phones, is now available for playing from the territory of the US. The mobile game, which has been slowly rolling out to countries this fall, lets you explore, gather items, find monsters and go on adventures in an AR world on your phone. Microsoft officials said that the company is rolling out the game to Android and iOS users country by country through the fall.

What exactly is Minecraft Earth?

If it’s not already clear for you, Minecraft Earth takes the popular sandbox game and turns it into an AR environment for your phone, much like Pokemon Go did for its franchise. As you walk around the map, you find trees, chests, and other usual Minecraft objects which you can tap on to keep them in your inventory.




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