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How to Play Mario Kart Tour in Free Multiplayer Mode for Android and iOS Users

Since Super Mario is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, there’s no wonder why Nintendo keeps releasing material related to the little plumber. Mario Kart Tour hit the mobile devices running Android and iOS back in September 2019, and it rapidly became a successful game. However, one key component that users have been complaining about was that the game didn’t have a free multiplayer mode available on its launch.

Let’s face it: nowadays nobody likes to pay for extra content in apps & games, so we shouldn’t judge the people that have been complaining about Mario Kart Tour’s lack of free multiplayer mode. But now, the developers came with a solution: the multiplayer mode is now open to all the players of the game on Android and iOS.

The big announcement comes from Nintendo itself

The hugely-notorious company Nintendo has made the big announcement itself, via a blog post. The free multiplayer mode is part of the second beta update.

Here’s the official statement made by the developers:

The second multiplayer test is here! This time around, all players, including #MarioKartTour Gold Pass subscribers, can participate. Race your friends by tapping Menu, and then Multiplayer in-game

Certain multiplayer specifications will change between this test and its full release. Therefore, multiplayer save data generated during this test cannot be carried over to the full multiplayer release.

Therefore, now you can enjoy the exciting features of the multiplayer mode in Mario Kart Tour without having to pay the $5 for the Gold Pass subscription. You are free to compete with friends, family or foes, and even with random online opponents that the system can provide you.

Hopefully, new updates for Mario Kart Tour will come again soon, because Mario games are like good wine: the old they get, the better they are.



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