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How to Make Your PC Faster? Easiest Software

Are you keen on finding the right answer to the question as to how to make your PC faster and more efficient? If yes, it is quite possible that you may find this article interesting and informative. With time, it is quite possible that our computers will lose speed and the performance levels will also come down. Speed is essential for all computers and if we are working in a business environment, it becomes all the more important.

However, speed and performance cannot be improved just by wishing for it. Action has to be taken and ways should be found by which the computer is rid of the various factors that could be contributing to its slowdown. We will look at some tips and also try and have a look at an application that could perhaps helps those who use computers for images, photographs and other such things for various purposes.

Gimp Portable – What It Is

Those who are into the business of photography will most certainly have am image processing software application. When we talk about such applications we often come across names such as Adobe, Photoshop and so on. Gimp portable also belongs to this category and helps in giving shapes and sizes to images that have been clicked for various reasons. GIMP actually stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and according to people who are in the photography line, it is one of the most powerful free image editors that are available in the market today. Many people believe that it may be a good alternative to Photoshop.

It is versatile and unique because it has a number of interesting features. Apart from being used as a basic drawing program, it also could be used a very effective image editor. It can help edit digital photographs and make it to the level of professional photography. It is accommodating channels, masks, layers, special effects and filters. It makes editing quite easy.

The good thing about this software application is that it is light and it does not unnecessarily burden your computer. You can rest assured that your system will not slow down. Hence, if you are planning to make your personal computer faster and more efficient, then this could be the obvious choice.

It also has many other powerful tools such as correction mode that could help in correcting of barrel distortion and other such things. The good thing about this software is that it is a single file installation. You do not have the need to install heavy and space-consuming libraries before installing the actual software.

This also could be one of the main reasons as to why, many users find it extremely useful and worth of installation. It adds efficiency without adding to the weight of the computer. Most importantly this is a portable edition. Hence, if you are looking to improve the overall efficiency of your computer without damaging your business interests as a professional photographer, then you must give GIMP portable the importance it perhaps deserves.

A Few More Tips For Making Your PC Work Faster

  • Apart from installing the right software for your critical applications, there are a few more things that you must do for ensuring efficient management of your personal computer and avoiding slowdown that are avoidable. To begin with, you must clean your computer on a regular basis. If you are using the internet you must understand that the system gets loaded with a lot of cookies and other unwanted files. The same should be cleaned on a regular basis using the right cleaning software. There are many such options available in the market today and many of them are available for free.
  • Keep your computer inoculated against virus, phishing risks and other such software attacks. If needed you must spend some money on it and should not cut corners on the same. There is no doubt that by spending some money, you could be saving your business hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars.
  • Increasing the RAM (random access memory) is also something that could be considered. If you are into the business of photography and image editing you certainly would need a higher RAM capacity.


To conclude, there is no doubt that while investing in a top end computer as a businessperson is a good idea, you must find out ways by which the same can be kept in optimum working condition for years at length. This calls for using various methods to manage the speed of the computer.



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