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How to Make Someone Reply to Your DM’s on Dating Apps

Dating apps are far from actually doing what they were intended for – don’t expect to keep talking to a person forever only because you exchanged messages for a while. Even if you don’t make the person mad, he or she can stop responding to your DM’s all of a sudden.

One of the reasons why such an unpleasant scenario happens is because the offer of potential partners on dating apps is enormous. A person could lose interest a lot easier in you when he or she already has dozens of other matches that are also available for chat. That means that you have to do your best – or at least try – to stand out with something. But be careful not to become clingy with messages because that’s a major turn off!

Avoid small talk

Try to say something different than ‘What’s up?’ or ‘How was your weekend?’. Those phrases are awful in dating conversations because everybody hears them all the time. Be a little creative and ask things like ‘Anybody else told you that you’re walking like [insert here any celebrity name]?’ or ‘What would you do with a million dollars?’. Don’t fall into the other extreme and ask your partner what he or she thinks about Nikola Tesla’s contributions in modern alternating current (AC). If the guy or gal is interested in such topics, sure, then go ahead! But don’t exaggerate, especially if you don’t have solid knowledge in scientific fields. Keep the conversation pleasant, but without being boring and predictable.

Don’t give too many compliments

Sure, it’s ok to tell the guy or girl nice things once in a while, but if you’ll exaggerate, you immediately become adulatory. Most people don’t fall for that kind of behavior, considering that it’s the worst way possible to win someone’s heart. And you would be proving a lack of dignity and realism if you act that way.

Don’t boast about yourself too much

Telling your match about what nice car you drive or a solid bank account that you own will probably work at catching some attention, but not forever. Sure, everybody likes money and cars, but try to say something else adding to what you own. You can say what you own in several discussions, but what will you say afterward? Surely you need to come up with other ideas.

Build tension

The person that you’re talking to needs to know for sure that you’re interested in something more than just being friends. Sure, you two are already talking on a dating app, but some people use them just because of boredom. Therefore, don’t hesitate to tease your match in various ways. You can say that you feel like he or she is interested in trying new things and that it excites you. You can ask the person about a certain character from a romantic movie, you can playfully blame the person by saying ‘Stop entering my dreams when I sleep!’, and so on. You have to show such behavior constantly – it’s both funny and it builds tension.

In the end, try your best to be as honest and original as possible. You can do it! Avoid saying stuff like ‘Oh, I can’t wait to see you!’ because it sounds way too clingy. Of course, let the person know that you’re up for a date, but there’s no need to insist on it. Don’t send too many emoji’s – for God’s sake; you’re not a nine-year-old! Don’t bombard the person with all the tricks from this article if he or she doesn’t get implicated at all and only reacts to what you’re saying. If you’re applying the little gimmicks correctly, the other person should naturally get involved the right way if he or she has at least a little interest in you.



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