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How To Get A Better GPS On Android

Google Maps is an amazing and handy app, and a lot of people can’t imagine their life without it. But it works based on your GPS sensor, which has to work properly, or else issues will occur. In this article you can find out how you can improve your GPS signal.

What is GPS?

First, let’s quickly get through some “must know” facts. GPS means Global Positioning System, and it was released in the 80’s for civilians. It was intended initially for the US army since it was created by it in 1973. It is used with the help of 31 satellites that are launched into orbit.

Smartphones communicate with the satellites using a GPS antenna, which is a compound of the hardware part. The antenna is connected to the software by a driver.

Recalibrate the GPS

You can force your GPS signal to recalibrate by using a compass app. If you don’t have such app pre-installed, you’ll just have to look for one in Google Play. Compass Galaxy is a good option.

Keep the GPS signal active

To keep the GPS signal active, you’ll need to install an app similar to Connected GPS. As you might have guessed already, you can find it on Google Play. Navigating from one app to another can cause your GPS to turn off for the sake of battery life.

Are the issues hardware- or software-related?

This could be the most important fact you can find out when there’s a poor GPS signal on your phone. The GPS Essentials app can help you with this, so feel free to download it from Google Play, and explore its options. Start by hitting the Sattelites option, and you will see your phone connecting to satellites around the Earth.

If no satellites appear, there’s a big chance for you to have a hardware problem. If satellites appear, but your GPS is still not working, then you have a software issue.

Refresh GPS Data

Your GPS won’t work properly if it gets stuck on certain satellites, even if they’re out of the range. Such a situation could occur, and you can fix it. It’s pretty simple: you can just use an app like GPS Status & Toolbox to clear your GPS data and to start connecting to satellites.

Of course, if your GPS still works poor, you can always go for two of the oldest tricks in the book: restarting your app, and eventually restarting your whole device.




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