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How to Fix the Netflix UI3012 Error Code

In today’s day and age, Netflix and Amazon are amongst the most appreciated platforms for TV content. The increase in people’s interest has resulted in a series of errors that users might occur. One of the most encountered issues is the UI3012 error code, which implies freezing or crashing errors while using Netflix, regardless of the platform. Here is a list of steps that you should follow; should you encounter this issue.

How to fix the Netflix UI3012 error code

Check the internet connectivity

  • If you wish to access Netflix form a public area, you firstly need to make sure that the Wi-Fi connection does not block by default your access to Netflix. In this case, there is no other option than change the Internet connectivity.
  • Another possibility that may cause you Netflix to crash is a poor data connection. In this case, you need to search for a safe and fast network.

Restart the internet provider

  • First, turn off your computer or any other device, then close the router and keep it turned off for more than 30 seconds.
  • Now it is time to plug in all your devices and turn them back on. Remember to check if all the lights on your modem are to a stable position.

Connect the device to a direct source of the Internet

  • To bypass your router, you first need to shut down your computer.
  • Then, connect your laptop to an internet source with a direct Ethernet cable.
  • Unplug your modem and re-plug it back on after waiting at least 30 seconds.
  • After all the lights on the modem are back on, you can turn on your computer and run Netflix.

The Force Netflix 1080p add-on

  • To turn off the Force Netflix 1080p add-on, you need to click on three vertical bars menu, where you can find the Add-ons section
  • Should you be unable to find it, you can always turn off all the enabled extensions on your browser to force Netflix to work.


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