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How To Fix The Battery Drain Caused by Google Play Services

Perhaps everybody likes Google Play Services, but flaws will exist. You know what they say: you can’t have them all in life. Or can you? First of all, all of you should know that Google Play Services plays a quiet but crucial role in getting your device working. It’s an API package that manages updates for Google apps. But despite its crucial role, it can kill battery life very fast, and this is the area where we’ll provide some answers. Anybody should learn not to get his battery drained of power.

To be sure that Google Play Services is the app draining your battery, you’ll have to go to Settings -> Battery. If you see there that Google Play Services is using more battery life than the display or the Android OS, it means you have a problem, and you need to fix it.

Multiple accounts

A hypothesis for explaining why your battery drains too fast is that you have multiple accounts. Play Services downloads things in the background for you. Those things could be your emails, notifications, and more. But if you have multiple accounts because you’re a spy, you have dozens of girlfriends/boyfriends or whatever, Google Play Services has to do all that for all of your accounts. This could only lead to one thing, and you have already guessed it: draining your battery.

Is your Google Play Services updated?

If you notice battery draining faster after you recently updated your Play Services, it’s obvious why the unpleasant thing is happening. A solution would be to keep testing updates until you’ll see your battery life coming back to normal.

Your GPS could be it

The GPS takes out a lot of battery, but don’t forget that as any other app, it needs the Play Services to function. Therefore, the last app may actually be the culprit.

If you still can’t find a solution, you may try some of the oldest tricks in the book: rebooting your system and updating your software.

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