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How to Fix the Apple TV Lag Issues

Apple TV is characterized by a wide range of advantages and features introduced year after year. However, one common problem in the company’s journey towards perfection might be the occurrence of lags. In most of the cases, the weak Wi-Fi signal is the one responsible for causing this problem. Here is a list of how to fix this issue on your Apple TV.

How to Fix the Apple TV Lag Issues

Connection settings

The best thing you can do is to switch your Internet connection to a more powerful Internet source. The device must be positioned nearby the router to pick up on the signal. Additionally, the most effective way to have the most quality connection would be to connect an Ethernet cable to your television modem.

Software updates

Sometimes, the bad quality of your Apple TV can be caused because your device is not up to date with the latest update available. Therefore, check if this is the case by going to the settings option and choose the option restart, situated under the general chapter. There you will be able to find any latest version that you need to download to assure the proper workings of your Apple TV.

Change the resolution

Should you experience connection problems, try to match the resolution of your video with the speed of your Internet. To do so, go to the settings menu and click on the iTunes store section, where you need to choose the option Video Resolution. Choose between the two possibilities available: 720p for a 6Mb/s speed or Standard Definition for a rate of 2.5Mb/s.

Other miscellaneous pointers

To enhance the Internet capabilities, try closing the Bluetooth connection on your Apple TV. In addition to this, try to restart and troubleshoot your home modem for a better link. Sometimes, the lower interference is caused by the working frequency bands, which are interfering with the connection between the smart TV and the router.



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