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How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Windows 10

If you’re wondering online for how you can fix Netflix on your PC running on Windows 10, there might be some ways. Microsoft has the best movie experience. But with some recent changes, however, some users encountered issues. From a set of errors to a complete shutdown, Netflix seemed to be impossible to fix. Try the following ways and steps to get better the cause and to find the right solution for your PC.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Windows 10

Windows, App and Driver Updates

You should verify if there are some available updates for your system, or there might be some you didn’t install. Such a thing could appear at the Drivers and the app, as well. For the Windows Update open Start Menu and in the search bar, write Windows Update. Open the window and select Check for Updates, and if needed, download any update.

Also, don’t forget to Update Silverlight if asked as Netflix depends on it. As for the Drivers Update, meaning Graphics and Display Drivers, too, you should always verify their compatibility with each other. The Netflix App Update is pretty easy; you’ll have to open Start Ment and search for the app. Verify if there are any updates and download and update if so.

The Reset and Re-Install Method

Try to Reset the data and then choose to Re-Install the app, and you might solve the issue. It is possible while utilizing Netflix app that some undesired data might find its way to cookies, being stored there. Such a thing causes a problem, and it is recommended to reset the app.

Access your Start Menu, type Windows Settings, and you will see some apps icon. Select the Netflix app and click on Terminate, Reset and then Uninstall. The process of resetting an app will clear all the files in the app.



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