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How to Fix a Slow WiFI Router Connection

An excellent WiFi signal is amongst one of the most significant necessities currently. Either you’re working from home during self-isolation or using the Internet for fun activities; a slow WiFi signal could be a bother. Interrupted video calls? Endless loading times? Your WiFi router is the one to blame.

There are, however, a few methods to try to fix the slow WiFi router signal and enhance the performance of your connection. First, check what type of bandwidth you’re getting from your router. Websites such as Verify your bandwidth with a quick test and wait a few seconds for a result.

How to Fix a Slow WiFI Router

Place the Router to Higher Ground

Placing the router to the higher ground might solve your issue right away. The perfect spot for a router is fixed upon a wall or at a central place in your house. Don’t place the router near massive objects, furniture, or other electronics. There are some little holes on the back of the router so that you can mount it to a wall. You can place it on the ceiling, too.

Utilize a WiFi Analyzer to Reduce Interference

The modern WiFi routers might get troubled by signal interference. But, there is an easy way to solve this. You can switch your router to another channel to reduce the interference. First, find what channels are being utilized. Try a free app such as NetX Network Tools and find which channels tend to get crowded.

Update Your Firmware

Usually, the routers get updated weekly, but you can install a new firmware manually. More modern routers don’t need such a thing, because they automatically update the firmware. Before installation, check your router’s admin interface, which for most users, is either or You can also install a firmware update from your WiFi router client, but only if you have a newer device.



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