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How To Enable Netflix Profile Lock With PIN

When it comes to Netflix, you can create only four profiles per user account. This way, people can share one Netflix plan, which is very convenient. This also means that you won’t be bothering each other, and you can watch your favorite Netflix movie or TV show. However, you could still access the other person’s profile if you wanted to, until now.

Netflix has developed a new feature that allows you to have a password on your profile. This means that all people that share a Netflix plan can now lock their profiles if they want to. The PIN Password is for individual users. In this article, we are going to explain how you can set up a PIN Password on your Netflix account.

Why Enable Profile Lock-On Netflix With PIN

Sharing one Netflix plan is beneficial for all people included. However, it also means that the people you are sharing the plan with can take a peek at your profile. Why should anyone deprive you of your privacy? This is where this feature comes to your aid. Why not secure your Netflix profile if possible?

Whether someone is accessing your profile by mistake or just to find something to tease you about, it means that they are breaching your privacy. Another reason why you should secure your profile is because of the children. The kids can easily use your profile to watch something that they should not be watching. However, if you chose to secure your profile, you ensure that your kid is watching safe content.

How To Set PIN Lock For Netflix Profiles

Follow the steps below in order to protect your Netflix profile privacy;

  • Open your Netflix account and select your profile;
  • Click on the Account option;
  • Go to PROFILE & PARENTAL CONTROLS section and select your profile;
  • Select Profile Lock and click on ‘change;’
  • Add your password and click on continue;
  • Select the option to ‘require a pin to access this profile’ and add your pin;

By setting up a password for your Netflix profile, no one else will be able to access it without the Pin code. You need the admin’s account password in order to set up your pin.



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