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How to Change The Audio Sensitivity on Google Home

If you accidentally summoned an AI feature such as Google Assistant by involuntarily saying the wake word (or something similar that is accurate enough to fool a device), then you know how annoying it is. It can be a serious issue, too, depending on how do you use your Google Home devices.

Sometimes the AI feature can turn out to be way more enthusiastic in its try to serve you. They can also assume any vocalizations and activate themselves. There are, of course, other situations, probably the most annoying ones – when the AI feature can’t seem to hear you at all. Well, whatever the issue, both inconsistent replies and accidental activations can be solved.

Such a thing is now possible thanks to the latest ‘Hey/OK Google” sensitivity option. The setting allows you to control directly the way your Google Home or Nest speakers recognize your commands. You can individually adjust each connected device. And here’s how you can do it!

How to Change The Audio Sensitivity on Google Home

Adjusting your Google Assistant device’s voice sensitivity needs you to update the Google Home app. The update is slowly rolling out, meaning that only some users can install it. But you can check for pending updates on the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android. However, if you installed the update here is what you have to do:

  • Access the Google Home app;
  • Tap on the Setting;
  • Go to Device Settings, and tap on Hey/OK Google Sensitivity;
  • Drag the slider as much as you want. A higher sensitivity means that the device will hear your voice more accurately;
  • Now, back out, then repeat for any other devices you want to adjust.

If your experience with the AI features on Google Home devices still troubles you, then you should seek some support on the official webpage of your device.



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