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How Ride-Sharing Services like Uber are Harmful for The Environment

Nobody can deny the tremendous importance of cars nor the handy apps that are helping us getting a ride ASAP. But being addicted to those apps and taking a vehicle anytime while we can sometimes simply go on foot is harmful to the environment.

According to a study published a week ago by the research group Union of Concerned Scientists, apps like Uber or Lyft are responsible for up to 13 percent of the vehicle traffic from major downtown areas. The services are increasing the number of car trips, which automatically means more emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Comfortableness isn’t always a good thing

Nobody can deny that scientific advancements had been assuring us a lot of comforts. But too much commodity can be very harmful. One significant way pollution is increasing with those above-mentioned apps is that ride-sharing vehicles travel large distances between passengers. A tendency like this makes the non-pooled ride-hailing trip 47 percent more polluting than a usual ride.

However, there’s also good news coming from the report. Don Anair, who is one of the report’s co-authors, stated the following:

But if companies take meaningful actions to expand electric vehicles and pooled rides—and policymakers and consumers can help—then these services can be part of a low-carbon transportation future.

The report also concludes that in order to save the environment, ride-sharing services should take several simple measures: improving the pricing and convenience of pooled rides, electrifying their fleets, and also encouraging the use of public transit. Last but not least, policymakers should improve mass transit, and make laws to electrify the ride-sharing industry.

Everybody should try to pollute the air as little as possible, but we all know that cars are so needful nowadays. We have one single planet, and we have to take care of it as much as we can.



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