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How Can AI Help Us Live a Better Life?

The idea of AI shows a utopia with a future ruled by robots, where humans are not that important anymore. As you probably know, AI-driven interventions accelerate the results of many businesses. We are talking about this technology, which helps countries all around the world to find new avenues for positive results for their companies.

When it comes to the evolution and the development of humanity over the years, we still have to deal with the systemic challenges that affect us at a larger scale. We are talking about the legal systems and all the holes from our healthcare sector, problems are everywhere. What we need is to better connect people with the necessary facilities that we all need. AI may not be exactly what we are looking for, but it can still improve our quality of life.

Fortunately, many countries have the intellectual capital, which can bring dividends for the population.

How can it improve the healthcare facilities?

Studies show that more than 45% of the World Health Organization Member States said that there is less than one physician for every 1000 people. When you take into account the number of doctors from certain countries, it is safe to say that people are poorly served. The life expectancy – at a global rate – is 72 years, and it is the average across both females and males.

It can improve the healthcare system by finding out the high population density areas which don’t have enough hospitals. Then, it can see how many doctors are needed, and which is the medical equipment and medication that’s needed for those places.

It can also release early warning signals – social media tracking for public health studies, which can provide diagnostics and even interventions.



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