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How Brice Capital Helped Me Win Big With the 3 Hottest Stocks of 2015

Despite the complexity of the stock market and its inherent power to build my wealth at a faster rate than doubling my productivity at work, the idea of buying the three of the best growth stocks of 2015, filled me with doubt. Then, I went all-in on buying,, and Netflix, and I’m delighted to tell you I made big profits. 

In truth, there was no reason for my hesitation. It was just a lack of courage. The price, the revenue growth, and the earnings per share looked good. And the market capitalization, historical pricing, and analytical reporting also checked out. Fortunately, I talked myself out of my fear of making the big leap—and everything worked out! 

If you had asked me back in 2012 what I thought of the stock market, I would have responded with a blank stare. That’s because three years ago, I had $47,000 in credit card debt and things looked hopeless. The last thing on my mind back then was learning how to invest in the stock market. 

Here are three things that I did back then that changed my finances, positioning me to take full advantage of the stock market in 2015. 

Asking for Help

I still remember the day when I told my therapist that she was trying too hard to figure out the reason for my anxiety and depression. It was all quite simple: my rising credit card debt. I thought she would laugh at my joke and get back to analyzing my difficult childhood, but she paused, stared at me in astonishment, and asked me to go on.  

Deciding to humor her, I confessed my addiction to retail therapy. I told her about how I loved to shop for high-end jewelry. I would rarely wear what I bought because just making the purchases made me feel happier. Later, I’d feel depressed about everything going on in my life, feel anxious about my finances, and then go shopping again to lift my mood.

She wrote a name and a number on a Post-It note and handed it to me. It was the name of her own financial advisor. 

I followed up on this suggestion, and the financial advisor provided me with a financial framework for analyzing my debt and suggested that I get a consolidated loan from Brice Capital to pay off my debt.  

After reading an online review about Brice Capital, I applied for a consolidated loan from them. The application process was simple and straightforward, and it didn’t even require a credit check.  

Consolidating my debts, paying them all off with a single loan, made my life easier. I no longer had to spend hours on sorting through my credit card debts.

All I had to do was make a single, affordable monthly payment. This was possible because of the long life of the loan. 

Learning to Invest 

It took me a good three months to get it down, and then I went back to therapy. “You don’t need me anymore,” she said. “Go see my financial advisor. She probably has a few more good ideas for you.” 

The advisor was delighted to see me again. This time, she talked about how to invest in the stock market. Following her guidelines, I signed up for a series of classes taught by a successful investor who loved working with beginners. I did paper-trading for six months before I started making small trades.  

Hope My Story Helps 

It’s been a long, but exhilarating journey from resolving high credit card debt to getting control of my finances to investing in high growth stocks.  If nothing else, I hope my story encourages you to ask for the right advice from the right people.  A little support can go a long way to helping you get out of a stuck state.




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