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How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Retro Gaming Industry

The world of gaming is developing quickly, with an ever-changing landscape of game innovations and inspirations.

The modern computer game can take hours to complete, with titles such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey having a story that topped 100 hours, before any of the side quests had even been looked at. With such immersive and involved gaming, it’s little surprise that occasionally gamers yearn for something a little more basic and ‘old school’.

The Raspberry Pi computers have been used as an emulator for a few years now, bringing some arcade classics back to life for the modern age. Anything from a Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum to the SNES or Mega Drive can be emulated, and the retro gaming market has quickly become big business.

Gone are the days when you could go into an arcade and spend money playing the latest releases because games at home are far better than anything in a cabinet. That doesn’t mean that the classic cabinets are obsolete though; there’s a growing market for them, incorporating the Pi, across the globe. An article by Retromash explains how designing and building a home arcade machine is rewarding, but it is also one of the areas where 3D printing is lending a hand.

The onset of printing technology means that custom joystick and buttons can be printed quickly and easily, allowing gamers the opportunity to custom build their own gaming boxes. The development in technology doesn’t purely end there though. Using the Raspberry Pi computer, a 3ders article detailed how some users have managed to recreate their favorite controllers of old.

The thirst for modding existing gaming systems is unquenchable as every hardened gamer wants their setup to be unique and to say something about them. For example, Don’t like the new PlayStation controller design? Not a problem, as 3D printing will allow you to produce a case more to your liking, perhaps even buttons and a stick too. Those with technical knowledge can quickly adapt their current controllers.

It’s not just computer gaming in which 3D printing has revolutionized a tried and tested game. Dungeons and Dragons has been popular for years, but with the range of services available to gamers, new pieces can now be customized and created to help breathe new life into games. Venture Beat reported how one D&D fan managed to create models of all 150+ monsters from the Monster Manual using a 3D printer. He now sells them to fellow D&D fans. The advancement of 3D printing technology means players can get the models they want quickly, especially if they go through a dedicated 3D printing company. Fictiv notes how 3D parts can be designed and delivered by professional companies in as little as 24 hours which demonstrates how flexible the industry has become. With the passion for customization and creativity that runs through the world of tabletop roleplaying, this exciting development has given new avenues for artists to use 3D printing to explore retro gaming ideas that are quick and easy to build.

Retro gaming is here to stay, whether it is revisiting old titles or playing around a table with your friends. Whilst once upon a time you had to settle for the equipment you were given by designers, the power is now being transferred to the gamers. 3D printing is only just beginning to make an impact in the world of retro gaming, but rest assured it has plenty more to offer over the coming years.



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