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Horizon Zero Dawn Expected to Become a PS4 Exclusive on PC

Recently, some rumors about Horizon Zero Dawn have been resurfacing, and fans might witness a significant change. The game is set to be the first 1st-party PS4 exclusive game to arrive as the newest addition for PCs. If such a thing turns out to be accurate, we could also witness a closer relationship between PC and PS. Or the start of a new revolutionary bond between two powerful forces. Since this year has been announced to be the year of change, we got many chances to see such an upgrade soon.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Expectations

A Kotaku report fueled the rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn arrival on PCs by also citing some anonymous sources accustomed with the upgrade. Even if a rumor launched such news, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see happening, especially when Death Stranding already found its way on the PC world. Moreover, Sony is also expected to come with something big soon in February (there are high chances for a PS5 announcement, but we can only keep our fingers crossed), it wouldn’t be a surprise to reveal a Horizon Zero Dawn upgrade.

If we recall Sony’s actions, it has always been somewhat opposing to engaging with others, at least in this current generation. For example, the company was the last one, which added the Fortnite crossplay bandwagon.

Furthermore, when a Sony official was questioned about it, they declared they desired to maintain users within their business only. Changes, however, will happen soon, as we know, 2020 is the year of one of the most significant announcements and upgrades. Let’s consider the crossplay. Such a thing is highly appreciated and encouraging. Then we got informed about Gearbox’s Godfall, a game that will be compatible with PS5 and PC, as well.



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