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Hi5 Update For Android Launched With Improvements To Its Online Dating Component

Many of the social networks that became popular due to the spread of broadband internet access in the 2000s have vanished into history as they didn’t manage to compete with the most popular ones. Hi5 is one of those.

One of the most enduring ones is Hi5, which was released in 2004. The rich assortment of social features made it a quick hit among users, and it started to become popular as millions of accounts were created. Millions of users continue to enjoy the features provided by the platform today, as new and fun features are being introduced from time to time.

It is quite easy to create an account and get started in a short amount of time. Those who already have a Google or Facebook account can opt to use them to prefill most of the data which is needed for the registration process, but the option to an account with an email password is also available for convenience.

Hi5 received a new updated on  Android

Finding a new and old friend is easy with the help of the built-in search features that allow you to search for them. Once you find their profile, you can send a friend request and wait until they respond. Of course, you will also receive a friend request from other users who may like your profile.

Harness the excellent dating game to meet new people and find that special someone in a fun and enjoyable manner. Millions of single men and women are looking for a partner, and the spark of love may be closer than it seems.

Share special moments in your life with status updates. Let people know about what you are doing and add some pictures to make your posts more interesting with a few taps. A simple design will offer streamlined access to many of the key features, and the UI is user-friendly. The Hi5 9.25.0 update enhances several features of the dating game.

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